On-Line Music Production

                                               It doesn't matter where you are in the world,
                                               our study will be there where you're

                                               Wherever you are, We'll be there


We strive for excellence in all we do, and our aspiration makes us to be able to give you results reaching the level of the best studios

100% On-line

We save you time and money in whole studios. We carry out all production processes without having you to move from home, guiding you step by step, and using the resources that you can dispose.

100% Under Your Control

All decisions about the path your work will take will be agreed upon and you will be able to validate every step we take. If you do not agree at some point, you can terminate our agreement without any additional cost.

100% Meticulous

We choose those works that have the potential to be a success, and we turn them into real hits. We only produce and deliver works with which we are totally satisfied and of which we can feel proud.


Although we are producers, and we realize the whole process of music production, from pre-production, through editing, mixing and mastering, if you want you can request only the service you need.


Music Production

Guide on recording, editing, arrangements, mixing, mastering...

Music Edition

Timming, tunning, noise reduction, compression, volume, effects, equalization...


Harmony, Progressions, Orchestrations, Harmonic Correction, Rhythm ...


Pan, Volume, Equalization, Compression, Effects...


Compression, Equalization, Normalization...

          What are the steps we follow to
           make your dreams come true?

Personal Assistants

From the moment that you decide to start working with us, we will assign a personal assistant who will become the main contact and interlocutor among you, your producer and us.

The tasks of this personal assistant are:

- Answer any doubts you may arise throughout the process and help you in any matter that you consider necessary.

- Be the main interlocutor and mediator between the producer and you helping you to coordinate and make consensual decisions about the direction of the project.

- Do everything necessary for the project to go ahead and become a successful finish.

How can I hire your services?

First of all, do you know you can request a free production?. You don't lose anything, try it first, and if we like any of your songs, you can live the exciting experience of seeing how we transform your music into a hit completely free. Request a free production here.

However, if you already know us or you are sure, you have two different modalities to contract our services:

- Pay What You Want: ¡yes, you heard right, pay what you want!. We propose you to choose exactly how much you want to pay for our services and send us an offer. Here the important thing is that we like your songs, so if your offer fits us, it's done !, We will produce your music at the price you have told us !. You can do it by clicking here.

- Contract our services directly : If you are sure, you are in a hurry, and you do not want to make offers, soon, you can consult our rates here and contract our services directly.


Our art is music production.
When you hire us you are hiring a number of professionals with
extensive curriculum to do that job.

Trust us and let yourself to be guided

so now...

relax and enjoy



As always, at the best price.