Who are KimeraMusical.com?

Our team has a lot of experience
working in the world of music production

We've worked so hard for small independent companies
and for some multinationals.


And we have all the tools to do this break and lead you to forget the old methods


Taken in some of the most prestigious music studios arround the world.


Working with the latest technological developments in music production


Raising a multitude of artist to the top whith our guidance and advice


The current music industry model is obsolete and a radical change is needed.

We are looking for talent for lead this change, so DO IT WITH US!


Our principal thought is to help all those artists, with deserved talent, with no other way to obtain a professional production of their work, and at the same time, to abstract us of actual music companies productive routine, and get back to our roots, doing just what we love.

In such a way, using our experience in music industry, we have found an empty niche for a new way to do things better.

And this is only the first step toward our shared dreams...

All dreams should be able to be realized,
and money should not be a problem.

We take advantage on the benefits of new technologies
to offer a service that can not be paid with.

KimeraMusical.com Staff

Dave G

Musician, composer and producer, is the main thinker who will ensure that your works end up becoming successes.


We have a team of expert assistants in the different music production processes, from recording, arranging, mixing, mastering, etc. From the moment you decide to work with us, you will have a personalized contact with which you can resolve all the doubts and will guide you personally throughout all the process

Recording Technicians

We have recording technicians who will advise you during this process, or if you prefer, we can move where you require to record in a studio, and if it is not possible, we look for the best possible recording studio, recording technicians and sound engineers wherever you are.

Ghost Producers

Some of our producers are professionals offering us their work as active collaboration, while continue working at their own labels or third companies. The works of these, are limited to free productions, so if you request a free production, and your proposal convinces one of our producers, the work that will be given to you will not be signed by any of them.

Vip Producers

Sometimes, we will invite renowned producers with significant prestige to collaborate with us, although we are sorry to tell you that you will not be able to contract their services. The work of these, will focus on selecting among the offers of productions without cost and will be responsible for making such production. We will only inform you that your producer of one of your productions is a VIP if he wants, otherwise you will continue to think that he is a Ghost Producer and your free production will not be signed.

Mastering engineers

We seek to offer you the highest quality in the delivered product, so we have a team specialized in mastering, and even, if budget allows, we can offer you to work with some of the greatest engineers and some of the greatest studios on the planet.


We only produce what we are passionate about

This means that however much you want to pay us, if we are not really passionate about your project or we think that we can't do with a quality with which we are most comfortable we would not accept that job.

Just giving hits

If, after performing our work, we are not satisfied with the final result, we will give it one, two, three turns over and what it need. If it still, finally we do not turn your theme a success, we will not make any publication or delivery and if you had made any payment, it would be fully returned.

Nomad Studies

In the same way,we have no headquarter or fixed physical study. We dispense with the loading of the big hardware systems of the traditional obsolete studies and we use the latest technologies to replace them and make the production "In the box". We can work with you online even if you are in the back of beyond, or if you prefer we can go to make you a visit, everything is negotiable!.


We have an experience of more than 10 years working for different companies and with most varied artists, so we can get the best of you whatever your style.
We are the quality, seriousness and experience that your project needs

We are not a recording studio!

But there is no problem, we have several options for record your music. We can advise you if you prefer to do it yourself, You won't believe the good results you can get with limited means ! We can also advise you if you are going to hire a recording studio, or if you are more traditional, we can hire a professional recording studio for you and carry out the whole process with you.