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Create your own beats with MPC Beats

Learn how to become a real BEATMAKER and record your tracks at home at no cost, either to make your own demos, or to pass us the tracks you want us to include during the production of your music. Today, anyone can have access to professional music production software. It is no longer necessary to […]

Discover the best free DAW

DO YOU DARE TO SET UP A HOME STUDIO AT NO COST? Discover the best professional studio software that you can have for free Setting up a Home Studio, me? Gone are the days when artists and band members were forced to pack up their instruments and rent a professional recording studio to practice, rehearse […]

Get your mix to sound clear in a simple way

GET YOUR MIX TO SOUND CLEAR IN A SIMPLE WAY MIXING SECRETS: BALANCE Want to know how most professional producers get that clear sound in every song you listen to? To get an explosive mix, there are six elements to work on that serve as a roadmap to professional results Balance, Frequency Range, Pan, Dimension, […]


10 ESSENTIAL POINTS TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC Marketing your music is essential if you want to get your name out there and start making money from your talent, so if these are some of your goals, be sure to read and implement as much of this guide as humanly possible. In this simple music promotion […]

Home Recording Guide with Audacity

Learn how to make a home recording of your songs at no cost to record your own demos, and to give us the tracks you want to include during the production of your music. If you have the means to do it with a technician in a recording studio. Perfect!, sure that the recordings you […]

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