We need your talent, that's why we give you the possibility to get a production at no cost. You only have to meet this requirements


Are you talented? If so, what are you doing about it?. Don´t waste any more time!!

Original songs!

If you have original songs, and a good ones, of course, is just what we want!.

Be a STAR!

Are you professional and do you have dedication and attitude?. Were you born to be a star?

Why free music production?

We are starting a new project...

And you can take part in it!

Believe what I say, if your music sounds like any hit you can hear on the radio, instead of sounding like a demo, can be the difference that makes you succeed, or at least, get as high as you can, and nothing I´d like more than you did not have to pay to get a professional production totally free, and that is one of the reasons why this project exists:

To allow to those artists that have no means to afford professional music production do it completely free for one of their songs or paying an affordable price for an increased number of songs.

Our principal thought is to help all those artists, with deserved talent, with no other way to obtain a professional production of their work.

With this in mind, from the beginning we have been forced ourselves to carry out a small percentage of work without any remuneration in return, under the following conditions:

- Only one song per artist will be produced for free so if you want us to produce more than one song, simply make another request and put the price.

- The song to be produced will be selected by the producer, being the one by which this feel passion and we believe it can really be a success.

What if my song is not chosen?

Realize that we live from this, which means that we can only afford a very small number of free productions per year, but we like to hear everything you send us and we choose our favorite songs to produce. Note that it is very difficult to decide between which ones to accept and which ones not, so many times we can get wrong rejecting offers, so if it is your case, first of all, we apologize.

And if we have rejected you any song, do not despair! Send us another batch of songs and try again!

How can I hire your services?

If you have reached this point, that's why you're looking for a free production. You don't lose anything, try it first, and if we like any of your songs, you can live the exciting experience of seeing how we transform your music into a hit completely free.

However, if you already know us or if you already have it clear, you have two different modalities to contract our services:

- Pay What You Want: ¡yes, you heard right, pay what you want!. We propose you to choose exactly how much you want to pay for our services and send us an offer. Here the important thing is that we like your songs, so if your offer fits us, it's done !, We will produce your music at the price you have told us !. You can do it by clicking here.

- Contract our services directly : If you are sure, you are in a hurry, and you do not want to make offers, you can consult our rates and contract our services directly by clicking here.

How to get your music production?

If you want to get us to produce for you or your band your songs, you must meet the following requirements:

- Talent and attitude.

- Completely original songs for production being the owner of all the rights.

- Have recording resources, like computer or laptop with soundcard, redorder, studio, rehearsal room, etc.

- Complete the form indicated below.

- Wait to be called. You must understand that we received a lot of production offers, more than can be covered by us, so we introduce all this offers to our producers, and they choose among all, those works that they feel passionate about.

Request a no cost music production