No, but almost...

At present day there are tools under which corrections can be made to correct all voice imperfections fixing tune, adding vibrato, extending notes, equalizing voice and adding effects to give it depth and character.

Most today singers are using these techniques, not only in study but also live. Have you noticed that many of today singers have a similar voice and sound?. Among the artists using such radical effects of production we can see artists of all styles like Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, etc, etc.

Voice tune, The singers best kept secret

Most modern singers are using tuning technologies to avoid making mistakes live or correcting these in a study session. Even you've heard some scandalous case in which a singer has been caught without automated tuning and singing off-key than you might expect.

Most of this technology is automatic, so serious tuning problems are difficult to resolve, and being noted in the final result, as happens in many recordings we can hear today. We prefer to do it by hand, manually drawing the pitch line of your voice, so that we have everything under control and corrections are unnoticeable.



We´ll find frequency problems that make your vocals and instruments feel separated and some frequency areas that we can highlight to make your vocals just a bit more appealing.


Dimension can be captured while recording but usually has to be created or enhanced by adding effects such as reverb, delay, or any of the modulated delays such as chorusing or flanging. We can recreate an acoustic environment, add width or depth or spruce up your voice sound.


- Compression, limiting, gating: If the vocal sounds a bit loose or soft, compression can help tighten it up and give it some edge.

- Aire: Le damos fuerza a tus palabras, allí donde sea necesario, para realzar el sentimiento de cada una de las frases que cantes and improve the performance.

- Time: We fit perfectly the voice and song. Don't you have enough air to extend the endnotes to finish a sentence?. No problem, we do it for you!. We extend or cut the notes as requested by the mix.

- Remove Plosives and Esses: Sometines, P’s and B’s can clip the gain, and soften harsh “S” sounds with exaggerated sibilance. We will fix it.

- Noise Reduction: Cleaning the track from humming fans or noise in general