Virtual Instruments

Doing virtual instruments breathe with the music, makes sound more
realistic, and convey the true emotion of the song.

Virtual Instrumets are extensively used in modern music industry and you can listent these in most of actual radio hits.

These instruments give us faithful reproductions of a host of classic and modern instrument sounds that would never have access to otherwise, like full real orchestras, real best pianos, drums, violins like Stradivarius, etc..., and all recorded by renowned artists.

Symphonic Orchestras

Is not ease to have a full Philarmonic Orchestra to our service so we need a Virtual Instrumet that emulate each orchestra instrument or ensembles.

A lot of actual recordings like pop/rock hits, or orchestrated video game BSO use this kind of instruments.

This way, we can have in our studio an orchestra like Czech Philharmonic Orchestra recorded in Praga's Dvorák Symphony Hall.

Pianos and Organs

The same piano in the same studio can be recorded in literally thousands of different ways. And then there are different pianos, and different studios.

A virtual piano plugin will reproduce a recorded real piano sound and allow you to have a real piano in your recordings.

These can include vintage, elecronic, modern and classic pianos like Fender Rodes, Upright pianos, Hammond, Steinway™ Model D, Yamaha C3 Neo ™, Yamaha CP 80, Wurlitzer 200A, Clavinet D6, Pianet N, Mellotoon pianos, chuch organ, Östlind & Almquist, etc, etc...

Drums & Percussions

Virtual drums are the most used Virtual Instrument in modern music production, and is used in most of the Rock, Metal, Pop and Electronic recordings by the most reowned artists.

A virtual drum allow us to have drums in your works recorded by artists like Clyde Stubblefield, John “Jabo” Starks, Roy ”Futureman” Wooten, Daniel Bergstrand, Nir Z, Tomas Haake, John Tempesta, Harry Stinson, Chris Whitten or Michael Blair with drums like Fibes, Maple, Ludwig, Gretsch, Tama, Levin or Yamaha with engineers like Chuck Ainlay, Neil Dorfsman, Randy Staub, Richard Devine, Peter Henderson, Andy Sneap, Daniel Bergstrand, Pat Thrall or Mark Hallman in studios like New York’s Hit Factory, Blackbird Studios, Avatar Studios, Los Angeles’ Henson Recording Studios, The Soundkitchen Studios, Avast! Recording Co., Warehouse Studio or Shorefire Recording Studio.


A virtual synthesizer plugin can emulate a hardware synthesizer sound. Virtual synthesizers are also created to be unique to the digital world with their own characteristics intended for the production of electronic music.

We have emulators of classic sinthesizers like Jupiter-8, Juno-60, Prophet VS, Prophet-5, Korg MS-20, Korg Polysix, Korg Wavestation, Moog Family, Casio CZ, etc.
And exclusive software sintesizers like Rob Papen Predator, Visyn Cube, NI FM8, NI Massive, reFX Nexus, discoDSP Vertigo, etc.


Can you imagine your song with a choir like Carmina Burana's, gregorian choir or symphonic choirs?

The human voice is the oldest and most expressive instrument ever, but at the present time, virtual instruments are capable of recreating the sound of real choirs with an incredible degree of realism.

Among them there are Classical choirs, sacred choirs, men, women, boys, ethnic choirs from all around the world, etc...

and Many Others!

We can offer you instruments like brass sections, string sections, pipes, woodwinds, violins, saxes, trumpets, basses, guitars, accordions, bandoneons, ethnic instruments, percussion instruments, voices, effects, soundscapes, etc...