Know a little more about a technology that is the present of de music industry

Analogic VS Digital?

You've probably heard advocates of analog criticize new technologies, and this may be due to the following reasons:

- Complete lack of knowledge on these issues and have a preconceived idea.

- To think that today technology is the same as past century and ignore that to this day digital has surpass analog systems.

- Ignore that most classic studio hardware manufacturers, perform internal processes of many of its latest equipment digitally.

- Fear of change, usually given in veterans reluctant to change the way they work and recognize that today there are alternatives with which results are obtained with at least the same quality as with the equipment that have worked so far.

In an analog equipment, as the signal passes through various components within the mixer, its resemblance to the original sound degrades, but this is calling "analog feel".

In a digital equipment, the original voltage is converted into a series of numbers, and it's these numbers that get passed from component to component, preserving the original sound as it was recorded.

Is analog hardware irreplaceable?

At this time, there are tests where nobody is able to distinguish between music processed with digital plugins or hardware.

Also, if you open up many dedicated modern audio hardware processors, you will find that they may contain a digital interface, a microprocessor, memory, firmware, etc.

That is why, today, more and more producers are deciding to change their old and expensive analogue equipment and begin to work with their computers, which gives them the same quality but infinite possibilities.

Every day new technology is developed that improves the quality and surprises us even more, so is only a matter of time before that the old studies are going to become obsolete and everything in the music production are going to be of this nature.