Steps to a SUCEESSFUL Online Music Production

We provide you all our available means
and all our knowledge for everything you need


Receiving the idea

First of all, send us your idea. This can be a demo, a score, a melody played with guitar, piano, singing, etc.

Once received, we begin to study all possibilities and thinking about possible arrangements and ideas that can raise your idea to the maximum expression.

Track recording

We guide you through the recording process, whether it's from home or a professional studio. We'll show you the best ways to do it and how to send us the results.

We have several options for record your music. We can advise you if you prefer to do it yourself, You won't believe the good results you can get with limited means ! We can also advise you if you are going to hire a recording studio, or if you are more traditional, we can hire a professional recording studio for you and carry out the whole process with you.

If you're not a singer or instrumentalist, we will provide you the best artists of all styles to perform your recording.


Each audio track received will be individually edited to make each instrument or voice shine in all its splendour.

We will process noise reduction, tone and vibrato correction on vocals and clean instruments, battery replacements, volume correction, thorough correction of timing, compression, enhancement of the important parts, equalization and effects addition. All in such way that will not miss the nature of the originally received material .

If you want to have a modern sound we keep the sound in digital format, if instead you're in love with last century sound , we will convert your tracks back to analog format.


Once we receive the tracks, and studied these and the style in which are recorded, along with the idea that you have for your song, we begin to make arrangements so that what you want to express with your song goes as far as possible .

If necessary, and always under your supervision and approval, we will make structural changes, adding or removing instruments, adding orchestrations, choirs, intros and outros, etc.


Once the arrangement is completed, the next step is mixing.

We will take care to place each part to the appropiate site and each important part to be heard in the final mix, modifying volumes, panning, compression, and equalization.


The last step is mastering the song, where we equalize the result of the final mix, and we will add compression. Finally, we normalize the final track.

If you want to have a modern sound we will keep the sound in digital format, if instead you are a lover of the past century sounds, we will convert your master back to analog format.

Once finished, you can download the final version of your theme, review it and if necessary request any change.