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Do you want to know why some of your productions sound better than others, and you do not get regularly satisfactory results?

Have you seen a lot of tutorials, and you are still not very sure about what to do with compression, equalization, or don't you know how, where and why you should use them and how much?

Are you feeling your productions with a lack of punch, or seems that the music is far away, and has no life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Free Video Tutorials

Recording a beat with MPC Beats

Discover the easiest way to create explosive BEATS thanks to the simplicity and professionalism of MPC Beats. It’s never been easier to record your own beats. MPC Beats will simplify your life and make you become a real Beatmaker. Discover now how to record your own beats with MPC Beats in the following tutorial. Download

Use your own samples on MPC Beats Pads

Can you imagine playing a pad and having it play the sample you want?. Cutting samples in MPC Beats is a quick and easy way to create new melodic ideas from Loops. Learn now how to use your own samples on MPC Beats pads in the following tutorial. Download BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE

Starting up with MPC Beats

Learn the basics of MPC Beats. In this short guide, you will easily learn how to: – Connect a MIDI device – Configure the output device – Get to know the different zones of the MPC Beats work interface Learn now the basics of MPC Beats in an easy way in the following tutorial. Download

Recording auido with MPC Beats

MPC Beats not only allows us to create great Beats for free, but also allows us to record audio just as easily. MPC Beats is also an ideal application for recording your voice or instrument with quality. Learn right now how to record audio with MPC Beats step by step in a simple way with […]

Sequences in PMC Beats – The parts of the song

Organize your sequences in MPC Beats to create a complete song. If we want to send our song to a composer or producer, we must first structure our song and then we can make our arrangement. Learn now how to structure a song in MPC Beats with the following tutorial. Download BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE

Exporting songs on MPC Beats

We’ve learned step-by-step how to create and record our next big hit, now we’re sure we want to export it to share it. Once we have finished our recording, we have to export our work, because we probably want to share our music with a friend, singer, or a composer or producer like that […]

Connecting MIDI controllers to MPC Beats

Learn how to connect your MIDI controller to MPC Beats. MIDI recording allows us to capture the digital notes of the drum pads as you play. This digital information can be used to play back drum samples or drum synths in MPC Beats. Learn now how to make your MIDI controller work with MPC Beats […]

Downloading and installing MPC Beats

Akai MPC Beats is a completely free music production software for beatmakers and music producers based on the popular workflow of Akai MPC machines. You can work with it to create beats and edit samples, and even produce complete songs and remixes. It also comes with a large library of sounds expandable through expansions so […]

Create your own beats with MPC Beats

Learn how to become a real BEATMAKER and record your tracks at home at no cost, either to make your own demos, or to pass us the tracks you want us to include during the production of your music. Today, anyone can have access to professional music production software. It is no longer necessary to […]

Discover the best free DAW

DO YOU DARE TO SET UP A HOME STUDIO AT NO COST? Discover the best professional studio software that you can have for free Setting up a Home Studio, me? Gone are the days when artists and band members were forced to pack up their instruments and rent a professional recording studio to practice, rehearse […]

Get your mix to sound clear in a simple way

GET YOUR MIX TO SOUND CLEAR IN A SIMPLE WAY MIXING SECRETS: BALANCE Want to know how most professional producers get that clear sound in every song you listen to? To get an explosive mix, there are six elements to work on that serve as a roadmap to professional results Balance, Frequency Range, Pan, Dimension, […]


10 ESSENTIAL POINTS TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC Marketing your music is essential if you want to get your name out there and start making money from your talent, so if these are some of your goals, be sure to read and implement as much of this guide as humanly possible. In this simple music promotion […]