The Secret Weapon Of Top Masters

Get the genuine sound you're looking for
just changing only the sound of the elements of your battery
by others recorded with the best brands in the best studies

Would you like to preserve your real live human drummer but recorded by the best producers,
in a big studio, with the better kits and using the best mics?

We can preserve the original drummer feeling and force. ¡IS THE SOUND WHAT IS CHANGED, NOT THE DRUMMER!.

Drum replacement is the de-facto new norm in almost all music these days.

Would you be surprised to know that most of the drums on all the songs you listen to that were recorded in the last few years have no “real” drum performances?

With an actual drum recorded in its original state, when we are mixing the song, if it doesn't fit,
without drum replacement we have minimal options to repair it.

Drum replacement is the perfect solution, every time the drummer hits the snare,
the sound is replaced with something else.
Why not use a snare recorded in a big studio in LA by a well known drummer
on a very expensive kit using very expensive mics?

A Little Bit Of History: The Secret That Changed Rock

Drum replacement has been part of recorded music since as early as the 1960s, when Phil Spector took to layering live percussion instruments to help create his “Wall of Sound.”

Was pioneered by producer Roger Nichols while in the studio with Steely Dan in the late '70s.

From Def Leppard’s Hysteria to Nirvana’s culture-shifting Nevermind, drum triggers have worked their way deep into our industry to become an indelible part of the sound of recorded music, and their affects can be heard in the biggest hits by Metallica and The Smiths alike.

Enhance or replace not only poorly recorded drum tracks

Drum replacement in modern music production consist in the replacement or addiction of a particular element sound of the battery in a real recording of this. With actual techniques, is posible to preserve the original drummer feeling and force. Is the sound what is changed, not the drummer.

There are several common reasons for doing a Drum Replacement:

- A bad recorded drum track

- Fix a poor performance of drummer.

- Dealing with a live recording, at the mercy of the performance on the night, the inevitable leakage, and the acoustic environment of the venue.

- In rock and metal, a fast rhythm section will inevitably suffer from a dulled attack, but with total sample replacement each bass drum strike can be as solid as the best.